Apathy Rules

Luxor has both Christian and Moslem communities and the politics of the Middle East are equally diverse. Air your views on the situation.

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Apathy Rules

Post by carrie »

Well today Egyptians throughout the world are able to vote in a referendum to extend President El Sisi's term of office.
When elected he said he would serve no longer that two four year terms, if reelected that is. He is asking now that Egyptians extend that to allow him to serve two further terms of 6 years each. Now considering the lack of opposition this will no doubt still see him in office till 2030 at least.
No one I have spoken to is intending to vote, they have very little information regarding what the referendum is about and consider it a complete waste of time.

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Re: Apathy Rules

Post by newcastle »

Given that there is no opposition, Egypt might as well be stuck with Sisi for the next 20 years as some other general.

Far more worrying is the control the constitutional amendments give Sisi over the judiciary and the heightened involvement of the military.

I guess the government PR on the changes won’t be highlighting these!
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