Do Euro Women change their outlooks when married to Egyptian

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Re: Do Euro Women change their outlooks when married to Egyp

Post by Glyphdoctor »

I'm not European so I will not be able to answer this from a personal perspective, but since everyone seems to be having a go at Choc instead of giving a thoughtful answer I thought I would chime in
Chocolate Eclair wrote:I have never asked this question of anyone, but do European Women change their outlooks when married to Egyptian men, or do they carry on as normal...

Do they pander to whims once married?

This has nothing to do with culture. Someone who does not "pander" to their spouse's whims is likely someone who doesn't care about them, no matter what culture.

Do they do what the man wants them to do or do they compromise?

Same thing as previous, a lot of women do what a man wants them to do in every culture. As for compromise, if you feel you are compromising in a relationship, then that is your own fault for choosing to be with someone who won't allow you to be yourself.

Do they still drink when out in Company?

Whether a woman chooses to drink is normally a function of her religion, not her husband. And sometimes just a matter of her self-control.

Do they loose all their identity?

Not sure what you mean by losing one's identity.

Do they still have a great time like they do in Europe?

I would suspect in Europe there are women who aren't having a great time and actually are quite miserable with their lives for whatever reason. On the other hand, what constitutes a great time varies from person to person. For one person it might mean going to the movies, another it might mean getting falling down drunk and going home with the nearest man, another might like a good meal, another might enjoy spending time with her children. Do all Europeans have a single idea of a great time? I doubt it.

How do they feel when the husband chooses a 2nd or even a 3rd wife? do they feeel hurt, do they feel rejected when the husband jumps out of one bed into their bed again? Don't tell me it does not happen I know it does, and I know where it is happening...

Would they care if their husband in Europe took a mistress? Some probably do, some probably don't like their husbands that much that they are happy to be free of him for a while.

What do they feel when they spend all their money on buildings cars etc, then go back to Europe for a holiday and find the husband has moved his other wife in and changed the locks, leaving them homeless and penniless. Again I know this happens...

Probably they feel like ****. I doubt they feel happy about it.

How do 60+ age group ladies feel being seen out with men young enough to be their grandchildren? do they realise they are a laughing stock or not???

Most probably do realize it but they feel that they are superwomen because they can get a hot young stud on their arm and it is an ego boost. Just like some people probably get an ego boost out of being second wife. They not only attracted a man, but they attracted a man in preference to another woman. I think a lot of women feel powerful because they snagged him away from another woman.

On saying this I do appreciate that there are some Egyptian men that are very westernised and have modern outlooks and appreciate having a European wife as a wife and not a trophy...

This has nothing to do with westernization. There are decent men in every culture and bad men in every culture and that is not a function of their culture whatsoever.

This is not a pretentious post its me wondering all these things and reasons why may be more forthcoming when people use AKA names...

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Post by Chocolate Eclair »

Thanks Glyph that was very informative and I agree with many of the things you say, and beg to differ on others. I was very suprised that two ladies got upset about the initial post because I realise from other posts they have happy marriages to Egyptian Men. But maybe not in so much a direct way your summing up was good and appreciated, it will not make me feel so upset for some of the ladies from now on.
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