Green paper

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Green paper

Post by Jolly holly berry 1 »

If you are married with a green paper and the marrage comes to an end do i need to do any thing or dose he just put the paper in the bin,and that that.

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Post by Brian Yare »

Seems to be a confusion of pronouns here - you, I and he. Is there anyone else involved in this menage?
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Post by Kevininabydos »

an orfi 'divorce' is easy. just say "I divorce you" to him 3 times, demand the settlement agreed to in the contract [if there is one] and tear the contract up. done. Then get on with the rest of your life!
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Post by Barb »

If it is the green paper and registered in the court then you have to go back to the court to register your divorce. With the white paper from a lawyer which is only to make sex legal you can just rip it up and that is the end of it.
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Re: Green paper

Post by voodooqueen86 »


New to this site.

I was wondering if you have the green paper and it is registered, has there been a law passed in 2000 which entitles the woman (non-muslim) to state in the contract that the husband cannot marry another woman, allow the woman to travel freely and to recognise any children of the marriage.

Also, do we need to have a party or to let family/friends know for it to be 'real' and recognised?

I have been with my Egyptian for over a year now, going back and forth from UK to Egypt. Alot of stories on here are of older females and younger Egyptians but this is not the case. I am 27 and he is 32 and his family are aware of our relationship and are happy.

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