True love between a Western women and an Egyptian

Discuss the problems that can occur in relationships with differing cultures and help overcome any barriers that exist.

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Re: True love between a Western women and an Egyptian

Post by carrie »

I used to work as a volunteer in a womans refuge, prior to that I think I had the idea that men who abused their wives were working class went out got drunk and came home found their dinner not on the table and lashed out. How wrong I was, quite often women had put up with years of abuse and the physical abuse was the least of it, the undermining, the constantly being told you are worthless, stupid, ugly, an unfit mother, a dirty slut. This often from well educated proffessional men, like you say Dusak this can go on for years undetected. To the outside world this is a happy little family, the women become masters at covering up the situation,trying desperately not to do anything that will anger the spouse, it takes a great deal of courage to walk away from it.

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Re: True love between a Western women and an Egyptian

Post by Scottishtourist »

The one that always gets me is the "sex"thing.
Why is it "not gonna happen"just because you've had sex with a person before you're wed?
That's totally hypocritical!
It may be "haram"for THEM.But in the case of most western's not "haram"for us!
So,who's the sinner?Who's cheating who?
In my opinion,sex between consenting adults is not wrong.
So,why do these men than take the high-handed moral approach?
They've had fun,they've gained experience.For what?
A lifetime with a frightened "virgin"who is most probably circumcised and can never please them or enjoy any pleasure in the sexual act!
And p.s...most of my Egyptian female friends "hate"sex!They've got their children..and now see it as an endurance.
Only one I know who enjoys it has fertility babies yet after 4 years wed!
She doesn't care.She's enjoying the act,intimacy,experimentation,etc, for as long as she's ready,willing and able!

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Re: True love between a Western women and an Egyptian

Post by Pammie »

I had the great privilege of meeting and becoming friends with a wonderful English lady who met and married a younger Egyptian man maybe 15/20 years ago.
This was before gigolos were up to speed!!
She was a woman who was not in a position to use money to "buy" a younger man and became very wise about the ways of Egyptian culture.
Her marriage was one of pure love, never more so than when she died in Egypt after a short illness. The love, respect, care and tenderness shown to her by this wonderful man was the most genuine display of pure love I have ever had the privilege to witness.
Sadly missed my lovely friend

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Re: True love between a Western women and an Egyptian

Post by LovelyLadyLux »

I think there can be very successful winter/spring marriages between Egyptian men and Western women. I think it depends on your opportunity and chance of meeting a real, regular, normal Egyptian man and having the time to properly get to know him to the extent you fall in love. MANY western women were/are there on 2 week holidays. That isn't nearly sufficient enough time to meet/greet and get to know a prospective husband and I think this is where the entire relationship phenomena got skewed as the Western woman tourist became prey to unscrupulous Egyptian predators specifically looking for money and/or a way out of Egypt and were prepared at any cost to achieve their goal.

I think if you have the time, meet via mutual (and genuine) acquaintances, through work, through some shared activity and over time get to know each other the chances of your relationship being legitimate are pretty good even if there is a big age difference but it is hard to put 'legitimacy' on a relationship that sparked out of a holiday tour and immediately takes flight with green papers, multiple trips and a big exchange of money.

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