This "older woman"thing.

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This "older woman"thing.

Post by Scottishtourist »

During my travels to Luxor,I've met many UK women who have Egyptian husbands.
They don't live in Luxor,merely visit a few times a year and spend time with their Egyptian spouses.

At Emilio a good few years ago I encountered another one.Her hubby was from West Bank and was spending two weeks with her in hotel.We would chat together whilst lying at pool.Her "bear"of a husband would sit away from us..cos he didn't like the sun.
On last day of holiday,me and sis were meeting our Egyptian friends for lunch before we got flight home.We invited this lady and her hubby to come along with us.
I was totally horrified at my Egyptian friends reaction to the situation!
Have never known such prejudice.It got to the point where it was very embarrassing for all concerned!

My Egyptian female married friend would not even speak with this lady.All she kept muttering was that she was "much"older than him.Thought it was entirely hypocritical of her..judging by the company that her hubby has subjected me and sister to!!

Her hubby has explained to us though that for an Egyptian man,an older European wife can be a good thing.
His reasoning is that a 20/30 year old Egyptian marries a woman of 50/60/70.They keep up the pretence of caring for her for another 20/30 years or whatever.Once she goes,they are still young enough at 40/50 years old to go back home and marry an Egyptian wife,have children,etc.

Do you agree with this notion?
Or is he just joking?

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Re: This "older woman"thing.

Post by BENNU »

Scottishtourist wrote:Do you agree with this notion?
Or is he just joking?
He is not joking.

I have heard young women convincing themselves of something similar about older, rich men to whom it is enough that beautiful young women pretend to care.

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Re: This "older woman"thing.

Post by Yildez »

It's just "business", end of.

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