Sim my b**tard daughter....

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Sim my b**tard daughter....

Post by Who2 »

My daughter Simona the bas....(born out of wedlock) is becoming an English citizen. 'hip hip horay...
She's very proud of this and working hard at it.
Originally, I put her Mum Agnesheska a Transylvanian princess to the 'sword back in the 80's.
Anyhow she's asking me about being an Englishwomen this is my reply, it will continue.... 8)

"More importantly: 'On becoming an Englishwoman or man. ?

1st......You have to believe in everything English.

Fish & Chips..
The Queen...
England won the 1966 World Cup.
Diago Maradonna robbed us of the 1986 World Cup.
Football is f*ck*ng stupid followed by thugs, but You support Arsenal.
Apples & Pears = Stairs.
Iron Off = Poof = Queer.
Cockney = some prat that wears strange clothes & talks in rhyme.
England rules the World ? (this is very very important)
Wales Scotland & Ireland are places we conquered.
Winston Churchill, saved this Country against the Nazi hordes.
We love drinking as do our mates the Germans.
Fanny Craddock (TV chef ) & Dr Who & The Magic Roundabout are children's favorites.
We all love animals and gardening, we eat both.
Zee French (frogs) don't like us and call us 'rostbeefes, oh! and they eat garlic.
Important wines: Bulls Blood & Blu Nun.
Important Beers: Any beer will do but you prefer Craft Beers best, especially The Dog's B*ll*cks from Hackney.
England won the 2nd World War not Mel Gibson or Marlon Brando.
You love the Beatles John Paul George and the other one, the drummer...

I could go on the list is endless, any questions on being an English bigot feel free to G
Ps: Europe is where I met your Mother, where you were born this here, is an Island called Great Britain, goddit ?
Sim ready to party....

"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"
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