Just another Summer Night

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Just another Summer Night

Post by BENNU »

Last night, in a dark street of Copenhagen, a man politely asked me for directions. I was convinced that he knew where he was going but did not want to miss an opportunity to meet a woman. He could tell that I was a good woman, good bones and a nice body, so I really should not be on my own. I told him that he should not be looking at my body, if he continued straight, he would find the busstop for number 6 that would take him to the suburb where he lived.

Suddenly he could hear hot, live American soul music and asked me if the open air concert where I was obviously going was free for all, and I said yes but refused to go there together, stand with him etc., nothing I couldn't handle with kindness, and he left me alone.

I was meeting two girlfriends and wanted to know why they were giggling. One had just quoted me for saying that I had to go to Copenhagen for some male attention. I am invisible in Egypt! They laughed because we had just talked on the phone, so they knew that I had been alone ten minutes earlier, and here I was with a good looking man behind me. "It is good to be home, Egyptian men don't want me", I smiled.

Later, the man came over to me and said that I should be more open. "You deserve a boyfriend. I am offering my friendship, but you do not seem to give anyone a chance. I have so much to give you, I want to invite you to my home one day and introduce you to my culture! Have you ever been to Egypt?"


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