Hye I'm Terrell L. Frazier

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Hye I'm Terrell L. Frazier

Post by Frater0082 »

Hye I'm Terrell L. Frazier and i'm new to this site and the reason why I joined this site to talk about an Experience that i was having since I was 18 years old up until recently, my experience was nothing any ordinary teenager was dealing with, I was dealing with the fact that maybe i was reincarnated from another life time

My memories showed me that I was born in the late 18th dynasty to the Pharaoh Akhenaten and his minor Queen Kiya. my name was Amenhotep named after my father, Amenhotep IV. I was the youngest of my father's children and the second child of Queen Kiya. To them I was also known as Hung Foot.

My memories showed me that I was born within the Maru-aten and that i was closely watched by my parents but they also showed me that my past life was nothing short of a fantasy.

I was showed that my father was very ill by the time was able to walk. Ruling for him was Smenhkare whom acted as a substitute pharaoh at least until my father would get well but as you all know that did not happen.

I was revealed what happened to Nefertiti. According to my memories that she attempted to kill my mother one late afternoon(at sunset) while she was trying to sleep. Queen Nefertiti had her left hand wrapped around my mother's neck trying to impale her with a small dagger. My mother struggled to fight off Queen Nefertiti, but her grip was too strong. Finally my mother reached for the nearest thing to her, a golden candle holder thus smacked Nefertiti across the face several times with it. Nefertiti ended up stabbing and killing herself with the small dagger. This incident made me reflect back to the Younger Lady Mummy found in KV:35

Outraged by this, Queen Tiye and Sitamun urged my father to banish my mother from the city and he did so, but my mother wasn't going to leave without her children. My mother was given a chose to either take me or my older sister Tentenaten( or Tenta'aten) with her to Mitanni( yes Kiya was Tadukhipa) my mother chose me. However 18 years later I was sent back to Egypt to live my sisters

Of all my siblings Tutankhamen and Meketaten were deseased.

Shortly after my father's death, Meritaten tried to continue on with the Aten cult but the High Priest of Amun wasn't going to have that. They forced Tut and Ankhesenamun to banish Meritaten, Setenpre, Tenta'aten away from the court. Thus my other three sisters went off to Abydos far away from Tut and Ankh

Ankhesenamun would find herself joining the others after she abadoned her title as The Great Royal Wife to Ay.

There is so much more that I want to share with you but I feel that you should hear the pain and suffering that we all endured by reading my story My Life Before: Story Of My Past Life. Its actually called My Life Before: Memoir of a Lost Royal and its available on Amazon and the Bookstores online. Yeah, I published it because I feel that maybe my story could be of value to Egpytologists whom want to know what I know about the Amarna Dynasty

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Re: Hye I'm Terrell L. Frazier

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And I thought commercials weren't allowed on Luxor4U!
I might agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong!

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Re: Hye I'm Terrell L. Frazier

Post by Who2 »

Hi Terrell L Frazier, do you know a lady from Brixton in London who say's she is Cleopatra ?........:cool:
Ps: I'm not really Dr Who (a british time lord ) but I once had a dream that I could fly.
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Re: Hye I'm Terrell L. Frazier

Post by Dusak »

:tk I'm certain that I've read this said same post in an earlier life.
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Re: Hye I'm Terrell L. Frazier

Post by Brian Yare »

Dusak wrote::tk I'm certain that I've read this said same post in an earlier life.
If I could remember I would blame it on deja-vu.