A Forum Complaint

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Re: A Forum Complaint

Post by Winged Isis » Sun Mar 04, 2012 11:49 am

If they saw you smiling they might think you are the infamous IPF in the flesh, so put on your poker face! :|

Carpe diem! :le:

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Re: A Forum Complaint

Post by Kunis » Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:19 pm



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Re: A Forum Complaint

Post by HEPZIBAH » Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:22 pm


:o :oo Well! Is this a voluntry job or do you get paid for it?

Ohhh perhaps that is a nomination, not your occupation! :roll:
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Re: A Forum Complaint

Post by DJKeefy » Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:46 pm

More complaints from IP Freely (added to this first post too) :D

You see! I told you your forum was crap! There are people on here searching for my earlier posts that you in your wisdom saw fit to share with all and sundry, but its like casting pearls before swine as far as I’m concerned. ( no doubt you will censor that bit out because you lot don’t eat bacon, but I don’t give a **** anyway). So instead of just sitting on your fat Arse all day how about sorting some problems out, it may be your birthday, but so what? We don’t pay you to **** about all day enjoying yourself when we have problems that need sorting out. That REPORT button for example, the ones next to the little Pizza Hut thingy, (another useless flourish on your part) I saw something the other day that I strongly objected too as it contained all sorts of references to a topic very dear to my heart, ergo my social security payments, mobility allowance etc. all of which I need to pay for my holidays to Luxor as the money from my full time job is needed to fund my investment portfolio and my general day to day living expenses. So I pressed the REPORT button and got a reply from someone calling themselves a ******* Terminator and asking if I wanted to be erased or deleted, well **** that for a game of soldiers! I shut down my PC immediately, I wont be pressing that sodding button ever again! So is it not possible to just give us all your private telephone number then we can phone you at all hours to complain about things we don’t like rather than just sitting and sulking to ourselves?

And what’s all this ******** about COOKIES? This is where your ineptitude really shines through, “get rid of the Cookies you cry, get rid of the Cookies” that’s all we ever hear from you! Personally I get ****** off enough with this forum not working properly without me having to stuff a packet of ******* Chocolate Hobnobs down my neck at the same time! Why do you not listen to experienced Web Nerds like myself who know all about Ethernet programming, and 3.5” Floppy *****. In fact I have just upgraded to a phosphorous, monochrome monitor so I can now view your forum in Green, so don’t spare the graphic content, I’m well ahead of most of your members on the technology front.

Now that Warden thing they all keep banging on about, the sooner they get one the ******* better in my opinion, far to many old dogs running about Luxor and shitting everywhere they go, so a bit of control would be useful, how about castrating the males and neutering the bitches? Mind you the wardens here are a waste of space, they are supposed to come around every morning and see to us, but they don’t, you just try typing with your ******* arms strapped at your sides and gripping a pencil between your teeth.

I do like all the repartee that we get on this site, I always consider it is an art form in itself that often gets overlooked and should be used to gently spar with your opponent by throwing little witticisms at each other. So instead of getting all upset a little bit of banter and repartee can often diffuse a tense situation. For example, the other day one of the wardens said to me as he loosened the straps on my jacket “Sorry I’m late, I got tied up”

So quick as a flash I said to him ………. “**** ***”

I was thinking of actually joining your poxy site, but now I cant be arsed.
Anyway, Happy Birthday

Your friend, IP Freely

PS your Pizza Hut button doesn’t work either, I ordered a Margarita while reading a very long thread, pressed the button and wham! top of the ******* page again.