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The Forum Admin (Moderated Forum)

Post by DJKeefy »

Hi to all members (and guests) I have been really busy since returning to the UK, and recently moving to an new apartment, due to this I put Horus who is a long standing member and also the Forum Admin of Egypt4u as the Forum Admin of Luxor4u, in the past year many people have complained about how nasty the forum is becoming, so it's time to get the forum back on track and moderated again (like we did in the past) one of the roles of the Forum Admin is to ensure that members abide by Luxor4u rules:


If you break the rules expect your post to be edited or deleted, you may get a warning, after a few warnings your posts may be moderated, you may even get banned after many warnings.

Please respect the Forum Admin decisions, if you are unhappy, then send him a PM. Please dont use the forum to discuss moderation issues.

Lets make the forum a friendly place again so members (new and old) dont feel frightened to post.

Thank You - Keefy


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Re: The Forum Admin (Moderated Forum)

Post by LovelyLadyLux »

Not trying to be argumentative at all - BUT - do we really need the vitriol + negativity to return?

If I had my clinicians hat on I'd say it is like we're all in a verbally abusive domestic violence relationship that has gone on for some time now where our boundaries are now so blurred we just keep allowing ourselves to be re-victimized again and again and again and again by someone who feels it is their right to abuse us all whenever the mood strikes them.

Seriously it IS taking a toll and evidence is the Forum is often referred to as nasty and mean. None of us need this and IMO it has caused lots of people to back off and stop posting. If you Post on L4U at all you're subject to a verbal attack.

Can't we be a bit more strict? It is not IF it is only WHEN......

AND the FORUM IS a great place to post and chat .......

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