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Private messages

Post by Major Thom »

interesting to see I have private messages waiting to be opened after being informed by E mail, but yet when you get onto the site there are no messages to be opened. Are they being deleted before I can open them.

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Re: Private messages

Post by DJKeefy »


You AMAZE me MT why would we want to delete your PM's?, what use would it serve us?, don't you think we get tired of your accusations, over the years you have posted ridiculous accusations against the Luxor4u team, from us reading PM's to deleting them. Why on earth do you still use the PM system if you think we abuse it.

It would be a bit ******* stupid of us to delete a PM when we know you get an email to say so, don't you think we would stop the email too???

No one is deleting or reading PM's on here... BUT like it says in the rules I do have access to them if I need to access them, yet this is no easy task to do it would involve going through the database which only I can do, so again, LISTEN UP that is me and me only, not the forum admin, not the moderators, me and me only.

What if someone sent you a PM (you get an email to say so) but them the person decides to delete the PM, you still have that email, our system can't take that email back, maybe someone PM's you and it did not complete by saving in our database (bug related) you would still get your email saying you have a PM, the email sending is through a different process.

Do you complain to linkedin, twitter, facebook, instagram, hotmail, gmail or any other site/service you have signed up for? cause any site that holds your information on their servers can read it if need be. UNDERSTAND!!!

Since this is another one of your many paranoid theories about the PM system on Luxor4u you have posted about over the years, i am going to be extra nice with you and disable your PM system, so that's another worry of your mind that we are doing something with your PM's, you won't be able to accuse us now of something that does not exist.

LOCKED I don't want to waste anymore of my time on this crap of yours

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