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Re: Tutankamun

Post by newcastle »

A-Four wrote:
newcastle wrote:At least I denote obvious fiction as "bizarre".....rather than spouting it on here as 'secret knowledge' - known only to me and my MI6 cronies (ahem !) - as fact. :a8:
When I first appeared on this site, a couple of people suggested that I should write a book about my time and life in Luxor, my answer to this, then as now is, I have no intention what so ever, and the reason why I have never given references to what I write here, is because I also have no intention in helping any one else to write 'their' book.

With regards to your remark 'secret knowledge', I think you might discover that certain senior members of this forum would tell you that all I am doing really, is repeating what I wrote some years ago now, when a similar program was first broadcast about Carter.

Unfortunately, junior members and other 'Johnny-come-lately' characters like yourself, missed this event, though I am sure you like others appreciate my good work here,........... :wi .
Sadly, as your earlier contributions on here will have been pruned and binned long ago, I can't say whether I would have appreciated your "good work". Pity :lol: Goodness knows what delights and fascinating insights I've missed. :urm:

Rather selfish, if I may say, to decline to help anyone with references. It's fortunate for history generally that most people with 'knowledge" are only too happy to share it. :cg

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