Stansted security - stupid or officious

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Stansted security - stupid or officious

Post by crewmeal »

This just about takes the biscuit. Next they'll be taking a child's crayoning book with guns to colour in. ... 83536.html

I wonder how many other airports would notice this particular bracelet?

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Re: Stansted security - stupid or officious

Post by HEPZIBAH »

Not so daft if you look at this site.

Scroll down to Miniature 1850's Percussion Pistol
This is a Rare Miniature 1mm Cap and 2mm Ball Black Powder Pistol. The Case and Bronze Container are original.

The Bronze Container holds the powder, caps and balls. (This container looks to be about the size of a fob watch.)
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Re: Stansted security - stupid or officious

Post by Who2 »

Thanks for the post quite fascinating, what craftsmanship amazing, thank you... 8)
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Re: Stansted security - stupid or officious

Post by Dusak »

I suppose that if you walked into an Egyptian gold shop, pointed this most dangerous looking weapon at the store keeper and said ''stick 'em up'', you would be given anything you wanted. :lol: I remember seeing some years back on the internet that an arms manufacturer in America had manufactured the smallest firing gun in existence, similar in size to the one on the photo. Tests with a dead pig showed that it was capable of killing with a head shot at one meter, so maybe a wise precaution after all.

On a lighter stupidity note, three years ago at an American airport, a salesman heading out to a prosthesis convention was arrested and detained as a suspected arm's smuggler when customs men discovered four new generation prosthetic arm examples inside his suitcase.
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