Honesty in high places

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Honesty in high places

Post by newcastle »

As news breaks of Martin Sorrell stepping down from WPP amid claims of "personal misconduct", I have been reflecting on the subject of honesty in the great and good.

The lawyers investigating WPP have indicated the matters are materially insignificant. Sorrell himself denies any wrongdoing. Has he been filching the office pens? Odd for a billionaire, with a salary north of £50 million, to be engaged in modest skullduggery.

Meanwhile, James Comey's book castigating Trump's fitness for office looks good for a few days of fun.

Elsewhere, Lula de Silva (Brazil) and South Korea's former head (can't remember her name) face jail.

Investigations are underway regarding Netanyahu (Israel), Abe (Japan), Zuma (South Africa).....the list seems endless.

If you wanted indications that power corrupts, look no further.

Of course it could never happen in UK. Maybe our transparency is too great for our leaders to be tempted. What with Wikileaks, the Panama Papers etc. and the freedom investigative journalists enjoy in UK, it would be a brave, or foolish, politician to overstep the mark. Personal peccadillos might be toe-curlingly embarrassing but are usually overlooked. John Major sleeping with Edwina Currie, Jeremy Corbyn sleeping with Diane Abbott, Peter Mandelson sleeping with his Brazilian boyfriend.....all pretty tame stuff.

Our leaders are, after all, human beings - allegedly.

Tony Blair seems to be very rich these days.......not surprising with book sales and organisations willing to pay £100, 000 plus to hear him speak. All legal, decent and honest - sort of. If you don't have Blair's literary or linguistic skills there's always some corporation who will pay you oodles of dosh for having you as a non-exec. Political office in the UK is merely a stepping stone - and a poorly paid one at that - to greater things.

Choosing science and maths as a career wasn't my brightest move. :(

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