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Re: Ads on Luxor4u

Post by Major Thom »

Although I have a so called Smartphone, it's functions I hardly use, sometimes maps to get me to where I want to be, or whats on locally. I prefer my LT because I use ESET Security, Ok sometimes it warns me on sites and I cannot get on them unless I take the filters off, but for banking and paying for things its really good, and in the past 16 months I have had no problems. I don't really want to go into the realms of wasting money on Apple products, paying through the nose for the name. My wife uses Apple stuff but she pays for it herself. For me its a case of phoning and messaging. The simple stuff!! :lol: Besides that there are very few people that I need to get in touch with urgently. My main calls are to restaurants and ticket offices, sometimes to EU Countries for travel information and tickets. Like in Egypt my phone bill runs to around 25 Euros a year.

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Re: Ads on Luxor4u

Post by crewmeal »

I have to admit that I'm the owner of an iPhone X which is really cool. The quality of the camera in any mode is top dog. I now find I don't need my expensive Canon SLR. Infact for the first time I won't be dragging it around the region when I come back in July. However these phones are only as smart as the owner. If you are using it just for calls and messages then it's a waste of time. Apps I don't use? Games, banking apps (I don't trust them especially TSB). Apps I load include newsy apps, TV apps, social media apps, Google Translate. I love the face ID it's easy to use after set up.

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Re: Ads on Luxor4u

Post by DJKeefy »

Time to lock this thread since its moved from the Ads showing on Luxor4u to Internet banking. :roll:

If someone wants to open a new topic on Internet banking then that's ok :)

New Topic Internet banking can be found here viewtopic.php?f=8&t=39456

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