Trump's Visit !

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Re: Trump's Visit !

Post by newcastle »

Presumably you wouldn't dismiss the views of Jacob Rees-Mogg on the grounds that he's a privileged Old Etonian and Oxbridge alumnus.

Or that he is a devoted follower of the somewhat misogynistic Roman Catholic faith.

Or that his views on same-sex relatioships or abortion are ultra-conservative.

Often described in the House as the Member for the 18th Century!

What does any of this have to do with his ability to put forward a view that happens to be at variance with his PM or her cabinet.

Rees-Mogg always puts forward his arguments without resorting to ad hominem rants. When asked today whether he would describe Theresa May's volte face as disingenuous he replied "No..........Political". So much conveyed by a simple word.

I happen to disagree with his conclusions, and his admiration for Trump. ( I wonder what he makes of Trump's suggestion to May that she should sue the EU :lol: )

But in promoting his view he exudes class.

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Re: Trump's Visit !

Post by A-Four »

It's over two years now that a very important British person allegedly put the question, ' Give me three good reasons why the U.K. should remain part of the European Union'. To my knowledge I have not heard a convincing answer.

From a very young man to the present day I have travelled throughout all Europe. I did honestly believe in the Common Market, and it's common agricultural policy, but I certainly did not sign up to a federal Europe with the added crazy Eastern European nations that still use a horse and cart for its general transportation of goods.

It is not just as we now see the so called EU, but what it will become in the future, less than one month ago, private discussions by leaders of the EU took place regarding the idea of a future European Army, incidently, that idea has been around for some time now. The question is who will be the person who demands the British Army attack advancing Russian troops in Eastern Europe ? Donald Tusk,.........for God sake.
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Re: Trump's Visit !

Post by Who2 »

I wrote again today to my mate 'big-nose telling him to keep an eye on his new best mate Jacob.
Iv'e been observing him for some time now, and he is about to make his move on the leadership.
I'll put money on it!...He seems like a 'died in the wool politician a bit like old Jeremy...both have integrity.... 8)
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Re: Trump's Visit !

Post by Horus »

As you say A4, nothing wrong with a common market and most people were happy with that, but when did we sign up for a United States of Europe? then they appoint this drunken clown who according to some we must obey, a small man from a small insignificant country dictating to the worlds 5th largest economy and then to allow him free reign in the Brexit negotiations, is it any wonder the vote went the way it did and if by any chance he isn't ****** as a newt, then he is still unfit for the job he holds, no wonder Trump despises the NATO allies.
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Re: Trump's Visit !

Post by Adamantium »

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