Congratulations Yildez

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Congratulations Yildez

Post by carrie »

Well from reports received Yildez was finally able to break free and join some friends for a meal in Datca. After weeks of seclusion the government have finally lifted restrictions on the over 60"s a little and they are now allowed out for hours. Restaurants, only those complying with certain standards, are opening again.
Oh what a joy it must be to go out have a nice meal and meet friends even though you have to sit so many feet apart.
I am VERY jealous Y.

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Re: Congratulations Yildez

Post by Yildez »

Yes, it’s great to be free of ‘house arrest’ after 3 months! Doing my own shopping is a joy, although I’ll be eternally grateful to my wonderful friend Sinem, who did all my shopping, paid my bills, went with my card to the ATM with for cash, and cheered me up when I had ‘down days’. In addition, she brought me chocolate and wine, she is truly an angel!!!

We over 65’s are still under curfew, but can go out between 10.00am and 8.00pm, so I met friends at 5.00 for an early dinner on Thursday. Fabulous food - my main course was thin leaves of veal liver with chilli and caramelised onions - lovely wine, and even more important, good company. Coming home early seemed strange, but was mitigated by coffee, whisky and chocolate on the balcony with the cat, watching the sunset!!!

However, unfortunately there are more problems on the horizon. Turkey has substantially removed restrictions, including the ban on inter-city travel, and many people are coming on holiday to Datca from Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara - cities where there has been the greatest rate of infection. This week there have been 4 reported cases of Corvid19 in Datca, the first in 11 weeks. Sadly, I believe that this is only the beginning. In Turkey generally the number of new cases is starting to rise, clearly linked to people travelling and attending events like weddings and funerals, which are now allowed, having been banned since the pandemic started.

In the light of this, I have decided that I will continue to self-isolate, only going out when absolutely necessary for shopping etc, in the early morning before there are many people about, and I won’t be attending any social events with more than 4 or 5 people. Because of my age and health issues, I do NOT want a dose of Corona!

Stay safe everyone!

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Re: Congratulations Yildez

Post by newcastle »

There’s growing evidence that countries might regret ending lockdown too early. There are reports in several countries of the virus reappearing after it had been successfully contained.

Of course, the economic cost of lockdown is a factor but a “second wave” would be worse both in terms of additional deaths and, probably, the need for a further lockdown which might be even more difficult to enforce as society will have lost faith in its effectiveness.

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