Sports Car

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Sports Car

Post by Zooropa »

A man who had recently met a girl bought a new sports car.

Picking the girl up he decided to test the water.

He said "if I can get 200 mph out of this baby will you take your clothes off"?

The woman agrees and he sets off, he reaches 180 mph without much effort but the car began to shake and struggle the more he pushed it, 185,190,195, by this point the engine is roaring and the car vibrating uncontrollably.

He finally manages to reach 200 mph hour and the girl removes her clothes, so distracted by the sight of the woman's state of undress he doesn't see a dip in the road, the car jumps in the air, flips and ends upside down in a ditch.

Luckily the girl was thrown from the car and was relatively unharmed but the man is trapped in what is left of the crumpled car.

"Quick, go and get help he shouted"

"I cant I'm naked"! replied the woman.

Spotting one of his shoes that had fallen off in the crash he says "take my shoe and use it to cover yourself"!

So the woman starts running down the road with the mans shoe pressed between her legs.

Finally she comes across a garage and runs in.

"Quick, help me, my boyfriend is trapped"!

The mechanic replied "sorry love its too late, hes too far in"!