The US Congress Loathes Egyotian Government.

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The US Congress Loathes Egyotian Government.

Post by Hafiz »

Congress Egypt Letter Rubio
Senator Marco Rubio is the unsuccessful Presidential candidate for the Republican Party, a right winger, generally quiet on foreign affairs but powerful, young and will be around long after the aged Trump is dead/senile.

Even he doesn’t like things in Egypt and has combined with Democrats (very unusual for him) on this matter.
Sens. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Robert Menendez, D-N.J., led a group of 10 senators in a letter expressing their concern to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.
“It is … vital that you continue to speak [publicly] and convey messages privately on the importance of credible elections so that not only the Egyptian government, but also the Egyptian people, understand that the United States stands for democratic governance and fundamental freedoms,” the senators wrote.

The senators said they support “efforts to seek out opportunities for increasing security cooperation to address Egypt’s legitimate security challenges and US support for Egypt’s economic recovery and growth.” But they argued that “absent progress on the political front, we fear that Egypt’s security and economic gains will not be sustainable in the medium to long term.”

Rubio’s humble Hispanic background (father a bartender, mother a housecleaner) must sensitize him to the benefits of a free and open society based on merit rather than patronage and alienate him from the injustice of other countries. He has lectured students when there was no/little money or status in it. Unlike some he visits troops on the front line dressed humbly and often collaborates with Democrats. He had led a human approach to illegal immigrants and detests the murderer Assad (who is greatly liked by Cairo) and Putin.

Maybe he’s suggesting a few thousand Navy Seals to ‘deal with’ the incompetence and failure of the 1.4 million man Egyptian Armed Forces (million man police and another .5-1.0 million security chappies) in 7 years in Sinai and their thousands of Generals. The current President as Field Marshall failed in Sinai so I guess that shows his competence in his chosen field of endeavour.
Read more: ... x28MYMarch 14

Unexpectedly Rubio’s supporters on the Egypt issue, and on others, are liberals and in one or two cases real left wingers. He obviously is very good at not only at crossing the floor but in going to the far left of the other side if it’s a moral issue. He is a skilled enemy of Sisi as are Senators McCain and Graham and others. Like most democrats he believes in compromise and alliances – unlike in Egyptian politics. Given opinion in Washington clearly the incompetent, ill-educated and lazy Egyptian Foreign Ministry and its tens of millions for Washington lobbying have failed – and failed in a profound and absolute way. Once you loose in Washington there isn’t a second half to the game.

The Generals in Cairo would have noticed waning opinion and looked to appease the world/US for a replacement – like the General now locked up. I suspect the supine approach of Sisi to Russia is not a source of popularity for him in parts of the military and the 7 years of stuff ups in Sinai – likely to be repeated – don’t add to his credibility.

Rubio has previously protested the repressive Egyptian NGO laws, the detention of non-terrorist civilians, wants aid to Egypt stopped if there is no accountability and democracy (there is not and this is also supported by the all-powerful Senators McCain (also a firmer Presidential candidate and man of proven heroic skills) and Graham who describe Egypt at ‘draconian’), (very surprisingly given he is a conservative Catholic) is revolted by LGBT treatment albeit in that cess-pit Chechnya, back in 2015 was crying out about Egyptian human rights, believes there is limited religious freedom in Egypt, believed the round-ups of the 60,000 are ‘politically motivated’ and not about terrorism, ... 996C401A4F ... 512322001/ ... cle/707570

As far back as 2013 Rubio was triggering the alarm on Egypt in direct terms.

There is not a single think tank, NGO, major newspaper or university in the world that supports the junta. Sisi, his Foreign Minister and others will never be invited to a university, think tank or major museum featuring Egypt. Many international leaders avoid being photographed with them and Red Cross and Red Crescent stay away.

Egypt is heading into the untouchable category where it can join Russia, China and the revolting Pakistan whilst the Gulf and Saudi head in the opposite direction. Meanwhile the International Court of Justice keeps its eyes are ears open. I think a couple of hundred warrants wouldn’t be too much if it included a hundred judges and a hundred generals. Eventually someone is going to ask whether the 60,000 (minimum, many without charge) isn’t a crime against humanity.

I think the current US and EU silence can’t long last if even right wingers like Rubio can’t hold their tongue. The greatest democracy on earth is starting to stir – maybe.

Maybe the Coptic Pope could say something – anything, other than slavish support for the junta. He has morals doesn’t he and knows his people are voting with their feet and passports to get oiut? Is there anything he won’t object to other than Morsi?

The rest is way off point but of possible interest to some with more time than obligations.

(A 2015 interview with Rubio by the most reputable foreign policy think tank in the world contains public confirmation of what many suspect. Egypt outright refused Saudi to provide Egyptian troops to fight on the ground in Yemen. I think they also refused their navy and air force. Apparently, according to Rubio, the Egyptians “need American logistical support, air support and some special operations embeds to help that be successful.” Do they need breastfeeding as well? What a joke. Can’t their own airforce (8th ‘largest’ in the world 584 aircraft with billions in ‘new’ fourth rate Russian MIGs, useless French Raffales and a broken down scrap yard of badly maintained (by the military ‘privately’ owned contractor/factory headed up by Generals 142 years old who run the business whilst in a life support clinic in Switzerland), F-16’s ) provide air support – probably not.

For those who believe in Brexit integrity the question is clear - are they doing anything or is the great Boris doing anything - surely the answer is No.

Why would any human being look for integrity from Boris/Brexit/Trump on any mater?

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Re: The US Congress Loathes Egyotian Government.

Post by Who2 »

Egyotian Government ?
Here's one from my collection of T-Shirts..... 8)
Now that's special!
Ps: I'll read the above later......
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Re: The US Congress Loathes Egyotian Government.

Post by Hafiz »

Do you want my dose - and I do mean a dose - on the Egyptian Special Forces and how they aren't like the SAS or the US 101st airborne?

Save me but I might do it and illustrate why they are never 'called out' in Sinai or any other needed operations. The performance of the Egyptian army is well known. No one even wants to train with them.

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Re: The US Congress Loathes Egyotian Government.

Post by newcastle »

With Secretary of Defence Mattis vigorously supporting Egypt - hence the recent release of embargoed military assistance - i don't think there's a diddly squit chance of US holding Egypt to account over human rights issues.

Nor will the recent 75 death sentences handed out over Rabaa cause the US any concern. It's a country which embraces the ultimate penalty.

And Trump likes of the few world leaders who has nothing but praise for the US president.


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