90 Day Fiance

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90 Day Fiance

Post by HEPZIBAH »

90 Day Fiance.
I really don't watch that much TV, and certainly not 'Reality TV' but this programme has got me hooked. I don't actually have the channel that it's shown on but I keep seeing bits of it, and the spin offs, online. It's an American programme, featuring people who have, as far as I can tell, fallen in love over the internet (or on holiday?) and want to meet up with the view to getting married.

Even for those familiar with the whole 'LuxorLurve' match scene from observation and reading comments, it's a bit of an eye opener. These American women, and men, fascinate me as their beloveds visit them in America or they visit their beloved in their home countries - Brazil, Tunisia, South Korea, Morocco, UK, Russia, etc (so far not seen any Egyptian candidates) and just how naive (or should that be stupid) most of them really are. It never ceases to amaze me just how culturally unaware they all are, no matter how much they claim they 'respect X's culture and religion'.

There have been spin offs from the original programme, and it's clear that many are very much [badly] scripted and acted - everyone out for the 5 mins of fame... not to mention $$$ but they make good viewing when you want to watch something to laugh at, shout at, that just wastes your time in mind numbingly way, and make you realise (if you didn't know already) how many desperate for lurve folk there are out there.

So, if you hear shouts of 'He's already married' or 'She's after your money' etc coming from my direction you'll know what I'm watching.

Is anyone else watching this? (Probably best not to, to be honest, but sometimes temptation cannot be controlled).

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Re: 90 Day Fiance

Post by Major Thom »

They could do a copy in Egypt called the Two Week Fiance. Ha Ha....