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Book Signing

Post by HEPZIBAH »

Posted on Facebook by Ehab Gaddis‎ to Luxor4u Egypt4u RedSea4u

Gaddis shop would like to announce that

Mr. Trevor Naylor, will be signing his AUC Press titles in our shop on Thursday 20th of February from 5:00 pm till 6:00pm
Everyone can join us

Mr. Trevor Naylor is a writer and publisher based in Cairo who has worked in the book industry for forty years. He is the author of Egypt Inside Out (AUC Press, Hbd, 2020), Cairo Inside Out ( AUC Press, Hbd, 2017), Cairo Inside Out: Expanded Edition ( AUC Press, pbk, 2019), Egypt: Visual Explorer Guide ( AUC Press, pbk, 2019), co-author of A Roving Eye: Head to Toe in Egyptian Arabic Expressions ( AUC Press, Hbd, 2014), and author of Living Normally: Where Life Comes Before Style.

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Re: Book Signing

Post by Who2 »

I quite like attending book signings, one meets a more err 'interlectual sort of habitué's.
And often there's a good bar...
I've been to some great one's, artists' launches guarantees a bar and lots of opinionated pr*ts,
An old pal of mine died last week Nick's doing his head, funeral next week should be interesting,
full of London's eclectic and wonderful populous.
Once went to Peter Ackroyd's London launch party on top of Tower Bridge,
stunning views down the Thames and great fun Peter was well pi**ed..
Most people get pi**ed at launches' this is at one of Nick's.. 8)

"It's a Laaandan fing inn'it ?
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