Iceland and the little people

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Iceland and the little people

Post by Aromagician »

I was looking at Sandra Ingermans site, and found this interesting piece in her newsletter ... 6july.html

"Fifty four percent of the residents of Iceland believe in the hidden folk. Out of the 44% who question their existence 37% are unwilling to completely discount their existence. Many of the people grew up on stories about the hidden folk so they are not willing to completely say they do not believe in them as the old myths and beliefs still exist.

I did have an opportunity to go to Elf School, which is run by Magnus Skarphedinsson. Magnus is a historian, researcher, and also a psychic. He is an incredible wealth of information when it comes to talking about the hidden folk.

We spent about four hours with him and he told one story after another. And I also had the opportunity to talk about shamanism.

Although Magnus does talk about 13 different types of elves, the existence of gnomes, dwarves, and fairies he mostly talked about the hidden people. There are three races of the hidden people and they are human like us, but the best way I can describe them is that they live in another dimension.

Magnus has a huge resource of stories that he has collected from around the world where the hidden people came through to make contact with humans of our time. He also has worked with mediums to make contact with these people.

The hidden people live a simple life and are in deep connection with the earth and honor nature. They have decided to remain hidden because they say humans of our world lie and cannot be trusted. I found that to be interesting.

There are many stories where the hidden people came through to help someone who needed help while hiking in nature and also people who needed some healing help. They seem quite sophisticated in their knowledge of healing. Many children have also had hidden people children as friends.

I asked Magnus if the hidden people had any messages for us. He said that they have stressed that we must protect nature. We must protect our karma and destiny by having good behavior towards others and ourselves. We must stop lying. We must learn how to love ourselves.

These are all things that we are all working on right now.

Iceland is a great place to visit. If you are interested in going you need to know it is very expensive so you must be prepared for that.

We stayed at a wonderful hotel in Reykjavik called the Hotel Phoenix ( The hotel was the only part of our trip that was not too expensive. The owners really put themselves out to help make our trip wonderful. We have never experienced such care and service in our travels. Although they did not share our spiritual beliefs they had great fun humoring us.

Magnus Skarphedinsson runs Elf School on Friday afternoons. If you are interested in finding out more information here is the contact info for the school:

The Elfschool
Sidumuli 31
108 Reykjavik

phone 354 (country code) 894-4014.

The current email address I have is:

But please be aware that they do not answer correspondence in a timely fashion.

Although Icelandic is spoken in the country most people speak English. And our hotel owners and Magnus also speak German. There are probably more languages that they speak, but these two I know they do. "


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Post by LivinginLuxor »

Very similar to Ireland, I'd think - the belief in the 'little people'. But, I have to confess, I find the philosophy of the hidden people to be very human - look after the planet etc - very new age. Just because people believe in something, doesn't make it true, or even probable. You'd probably find the same stories in Norway, Denmark and Sweden which might be cheaper than Iceland.
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Post by Miriamkhalifa »

You will definately not find it here or in no way to that extent... I think you will get very different answers here.

On Iceland they actually changed plans about a road (gov. decision) after advice or warnings from the little people.
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