Another Luxor Duty Free Warning

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Another Luxor Duty Free Warning

Post by hatusu »

Travelling back to England last Monday I bought 2 half bottles of whisky and a packet of cigarettes in Duty Free, and we were running a bit late so didnt have much time. First of all the cashier had no change and took ages to sort out the payment. Then I asked for a bag to put my goods in but he didnt have one, so I started to hurriedly put the items in my hand luggage. With all this I failed to notice he hadnt given me a receipt, and he'd started serving the next customer. Following on immediately we went through to the lounge, putting the hand luggage through the scanner. I was stopped and ordered to open my luggage because of "bottles". It took about 10 mins of arguing - stupid questions like "Where did I buy the 2 half bottles of whisky?". (Im hardly likely to have bought them in Luxor am I?) In the end I had 3 memebers of staff around me asking why the bottles werent in a Duty Free bag, and me yelling at them about their staffs incompetency and I HAD asked for a bag but been told there were none available. Eventually the manager brought a bag and put the bottles in and let us go. However just as we started to go through the doors to the plane 3 men came up and asked me for the receipt. Id had enough by now, so had my 2 friends with me, we all 3 shouted at them at the tops of our voices - the inadequacy of their staff the main point - and they turned round and left us .
Make sure you gat a bag for all your goods and dont pay until they are in a bag. Get a receipt.

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Re: Another Luxor Duty Free Warning

Post by Bearded Brian »

What an annoying experience - I had to ask for a receipt for my cigs the other week - he huffed and puffed but eventually printed the receipt.
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Re: Another Luxor Duty Free Warning

Post by Lisak »

A similar thing happened to me when I flew from Zanzibar to Dar al Salam. No reciept and no bag. Landed at Dar airport and they tried to make me leave my duty free way. I went to their Duty Free Shop and asked them to put my purchases in a bag, which they did and then sealed it.

I think the staff realised how incompetent the staff at Zanzibar's airport was when they had allowed my friend onboard with a Massai spear she had purchased. She asked if she needed to check it in and they had said no, it is fine to take on board. :lol:
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