Macellaio RC's Exmouth Market.

Places in Egypt that you don't recommend members or guests to visit, stay, eat , drink or shop for souvenirs and necessities.
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Macellaio RC's Exmouth Market.

Post by Who2 »

This new restaurant just had to-be tried out and reviewed..
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Fish ?..............................Or Meat ?
It used to be a classic butcher's Medcalfs, then aspired to a very good bar & restaurant for 15 years, even winning the annual Clerkenwell 'Bloody Mary Competition.
Nb: This poster, having been for years an excellent local competition judge.
Why I'm not recommending it, is because it's 'annul (up it's own arse) the food is totally brilliant meat Italian Cow or fish Blue Finned Tuna...
only in 3 different sized portions both starting at £22quid..the house wine was 'Ok but at £27quid it needed to be.
The interior design was excellent but, the 15 minute 'rabbit to us by the Italian owner was diatribe 'even recalling the cow's name.

I was going to get my pal Anna to luncheon us there as the name is a play on her new telly series.
We will dine next door at Moro's it's 'chic Spanish and good value for money, plus 'those that want to be seen, can be seen.
Moro's, and a couple of famous restaurateurs' getting 'papped.. by Who ?
I don't think Marcellaio RC will last 16 months. It's a cut throat business...:cool:

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