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Post by newcastle »

Reading the excellent "Red Nile" by Robert Twigger, I came across this odd little poem :

Carry on Cleo

Cleo was a murderer; Cleo was a tart;
When Tony lost to Gussy boy, she ran and broke his heart.
When Cleo married Jules, it was to save the realm;
When Cleo married Tony she was loathe to leave the helm.
Cleo was a murderer, she topped her dearest bro,
And had her sister poisoned, the poor old Arsinoe.
Cleo was a tart, she even slept with Herod;
He fancied her so much he refused to leave her bed;
Cleo was a ruler, the latest pharaoh ever,
More beautiful than anyone, and almost twice as clever.

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Re: Cleopatra

Post by Dusak »

My name is Cleo, I was Dusaks first cat,
but in strolled Alfie, and that was that.
He deserted me in my time of need,
just because Alfie wanted a home and feed.
I moved my bedroll to her upstairs,
first few months, quiet, no purrs.
She always speaks in German tongue,
for a British cat, this is wrong.
Samson is her other cat, white and ginger,
fat, dominate and a right winger.
That was then, this is now,
I'm the Queen of the roost, my word is power,
and if I ever see Alfie up here, he WILL cower.
Life is your's to do with as you wish- do not let other's try to control it for you. Count Dusak- 1345.

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