A chance in a million.......

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Egyptian Pharaoh
Egyptian Pharaoh
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Re: A chance in a million.......

Post by A-Four »

To be fare to both Carrie and Horus's above comments, when as a pedestrian in most area outside London you cross a street at the junction where it joins a general main road, most drivers always gives way to the pedestrian,........not always so in London.

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Egyptian God
Egyptian God
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Re: A chance in a million.......

Post by Horus »

carrie wrote:Got to challenge that Horus, pedestrians should always have the right of way. You lot sitting in your cars in air conditioned comfort or protected from the rain and cold should have a little more consideration for us poor pedestrians. We don't pollute and if we do meander across the road, stop suddenly in the middle to have a little contemplate well it's just the nature of the beast. :lol:
Oh I forgot to add Carrie that on wet days you can always splash pedestrians :lol:

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Major Thom
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Royal V.I.P
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Re: A chance in a million.......

Post by Major Thom »

I have never had a problem with Nassar DJ, I can only talk as I find.

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