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Post by newcastle »

With some misgivings, and having nothing better to do, with the family away over Eid, I decided to give the American miniseries "Tut" a look. Thanks Dusak for the intro to 123Movies :up

The promo trailer looked interesting :

phpBB [video]

My misgivings were strengthened when the opening shots showed Pharaoh Akhenaton ruling from Thebes (oops!). A menacing Ben Kingsley plays Ay and a gory opening shows a black Horemheb publicly disemboweling some unfortunate who has had the temerity to poison Akhenaton (still alive at this point).

Subsequently a young and limping (nice touch!) Tutankhamum is required to kill the disembowelled prisoner's young son...to demonstrate to his dying father (Akhenaton.....do keep up!) his fitness to rule.

At this point - 5 mins into the movie - my internet connection expired. I will continue watching when I have purchased more Gigabytes tomorrow.

So far, so good....although the title "Tut" is beginning to look all too appropriate :lol: