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I love Ramadan....'the peace & quite..
'Embara yesterday, a couple of english entrepreneurs popped round for a chat and a drink, a few drinks....
She suggested an Eid break fast for 8 guests.
For me this means some serious work.
Bacon, sausage, black pudding, fried slice the full english fry up ? Iv'e haggis somewhere deep in the freezer...
"No she said 'at magrib'......."Oh! right oh! 'So just when is Eid ?

Besides fixing and realtering the house's sprinkler system, getting out all my solar stuff due to the Chinese
lights and the power cuts, building new diwans, I now have to think about cooking for guests, 'be-jesus...

Anyhow I'm going for Lamb Shanks Eben’s Way, from St John's and Shtakuzza George's Way from Luxor.
I was thinking of getting my lady friend the chef, to do an Ouzo Summer Pudding. good idea or what ?

Had those Chilean mussels from Arkwright's a couple of days ago, 95le £4quid for two people.
Not doing my usual moules mariniere, I followed my Escoffier recipe and they tasted pretty damn good.
I bag is really only enough for one, but £8 quid for a starter for 2 is just peanuts..

So back to work, 'shagal kiteer, work work....'ramadan kareem!..... 8)
Ps: I'll be using up my last bag of Fergus' ready made 'Trotter Gear, Oh well!
http://wellhungfood.com/home/recipes/tr ... ar-recipe/
http://www.culinarytravels.co.uk/blog/2 ... ebens-way/

Pss: I rebuilt this mud house during Ramadan about 12 years ago.....'It's much much cooler these days'

"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"