National Project to Study Royal Mummies

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National Project to Study Royal Mummies

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National project to study royal mummies to kick off next month
By: Egypt Today staff Fri, Mar. 1, 2019

CAIRO – 1 March 2019: The acclaimed Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass said on Friday during giving a lecture at the Royal Library in Copenhagen that a national Egyptian project to study the royal mummies will kick off next month.

Hawass announced that the project is tailor made to search for the mummies of Queen Nefertiti and Ankhesenamun, the wife of Tutankhamun, using DNA analysis and Computed Tomography (CT) scans.

Hawass explained important facts during the lecture such as how Tutankhamun died, the discoveries of pyramid builders tombs and other important archelogical discoveries.

During his lecture on the ancient Egyptian civilization Hawass invited the Danish people to visit Egypt, assuring that it is safe.

Hawass declared to the multiple Danish newspapers that interviewed him that he is leading an Egyptian global team to restore stolen artifacts.

The lecture was attended by Queen of Denmark Margrethe II and Egyptian Ambassador in Copenhagen Ayman Alkaffas.

Hawass previously stressed the difficulty of retrieving Egyptian monuments from various museums all over the world since they were transferred under the 50 percent law or the Antiquities Protection Act.

The Antiquities Protection Act permitted foreign missions to take their share of the excavations.

Hawass pointed out that there is currently an international outcry that calls for retrieving artifacts. French President Emmanuel Macron said France occupied some African countries and looted their artifacts and it is a must to return the looted items to their original countries.

Meanwhile, Greece is fighting to return its artifacts from London and China is demanding Japan and other countries to return its looted artifacts.

The veteran archaeologist announced that Egypt must demand its right to retrieve its looted artifacts, pointing out that he is currently forming a national team consisting of public figures to demand Egypt's right to retrieving its artifacts.

Hawas stated that Egypt must demand the retrieval of the five most significant pieces found in the world's museums, namely the Rosetta Stone which was seized by the French and the head of Nefertiti that Hawas asserted he collected evidence proving it was stolen.

Hawas claimed that he demanded the head of Berlin Museum to retrieve the stolen artifact; however, the revolution of Jan. 25, 2011 postponed the retrieving process.

Hawas further stated that the third most significant piece is the Planetarium located in the Louvre Museum, which was stolen by a French thief.

Moreover, Hawas claimed that the two additional artifacts were legally transferred outside Egypt, but Egypt must demand their retrieval. The two pieces are the statue of the architect of the Great Pyramid that is located in Germany and the statue of Khafre pyramid manager that is located in the USA.

Hawas further stated that the world perceived Egypt in the past as a country that does not provide museums for its priceless artifacts and cannot protect its ancient heritage.

However, the veteran archaeologist affirmed that Egypt currently holds numerous museums, including the Grand Egyptian Museum that is considered the biggest museum in the world. ... IgOQqn8yb8

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Re: National Project to Study Royal Mummies

Post by carrie »

Mr Gobby strikes again.

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Re: National Project to Study Royal Mummies

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I know exactly where Akhenaten's wife is.... 8)
don't allow yourself to get distracted by Symbology... :up

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Re: National Project to Study Royal Mummies

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More from the strutting Peacock :zz
In any even I always understood that the Rosetta Stone, so named after the place it was discovered, was actually found by the French after being used in the fabric of a previous fortification wall and at the time to all intents and purposes it was just 'another' piece of rubble. Had it not attracted the attention of a French officer it would in all likelihood have never been discovered and Egyptology and all the benefits that it brought to Egypt may never have existed to the degree it does today. After the British defeated the French in Egypt it was taken from them as a 'spoil of war', that does not legitimise it being in the possession of the BM, but lets face it, at least it is safe there, basically it would still be building rubble had the French not discovered it.

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