Sisi in Washington

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Sisi in Washington

Post by Hafiz » Thu Apr 11, 2019 5:11 am

Sisi in Washington.

Al Ahram has it as a great State Visit but more of that later.

Whilst in the ‘home of the free’ he may have visited the Washington Memorial. Or the Great Lincoln’s, maybe the FDR memorial who visited Egypt three times and thought Farouk a joke and never wanted its Army to help the free world. Maybe he visited Arlington to celebrate the always successful, but not in Vietnam, US army but that might have led to questions why Egypt always looses. Maybe an address to the Congress but that would have led to hooting.

Instead it’s a quiet visit with no opportunities for people to toss things at him including all the aggrieved overseas Egyptians many of them Copts who got out before being tossed out. We know from the Woodward book on Trump that Trump has contempt for Sisi and we know from other state visits that Sisi's charm, presence and intelligence in negotiations and his bad temper place him in the bottom 10% of world leaders.

Here is a summary.

1. The entire Senate Foreign Relations Committee called him foul. ... eting.html the Senate might be threatening military aid. ... n-affairs/ This unanimous decision means that Trump will face problems in his support for Sisi and with a change in President the time could be up for Sisi. The Crown Prince of Saudi who is close to Trump and his son-in-law can't stand Sisi.

2. Egyptian Americans called him a dictator. ... g-dictator

3. The world’s most prestigious foreign and military policy journals call a foul on him. ... n-affairs/. The Council on Foreign Relations the most important think tank in the world is silent after 10 years of scathing disgust.

4. The US Egyptian Cultural Club welcomes him but they are minute, foolish and probably paid. Here they are p pathetic – maybe they should be deported or sued for supporting a foreign power – a criminal offence.


They seem hysterical and barely in control – just like their great man.

5. High status journals think him a Saudi-Khasshogi type with 12 US citizens in jail. ... khashoggi/

6. The Washington Post and NYT have lots of news on Egypt all of it very bad to awful. ... ae72d11c2b. All of the electronic media is worse and quite emotional about brutality and injustice. Not even Fox has a good word to say about the dictator. ... d=62255393 I cannot find a major or even minor media outlet in the west nor in India, Indonesia and other places which has other than bad things to say about the Junta.

7. All the most prestigious think tanks see the coupling of Egypt and the US as dangerous to US interests and good morals. ... ypt-226579 and ... t-blessing

The Egyptian media have none of the above except the salaried hysterics in an expensive convertible breaking the traffic law by standing on the car seat and obscuring vision with a banner – breaking the law is part of supporting Sisi.

Sisi needs elevator Sarkozy-style shoes when he travels although even these would not help with Marines.


Even the brain dead President is taller.


The President’s Jewish son-in-law is taller – and a lot thinner although that son-in-law has a billionaire father in jail for corrupting justice to make money so maybe there is more between these two that merely seems.


Al Ahram has no pictures of Sisi standing – I wonder why.


The purpose of the meeting is unclear but might be connected with Sisi’s and Russia’s support for the war criminal Haftar in Libya who is trying to destroy the UN established government, give Russian access to oil and establish a Russian Naval base. By Egyptian standards Haftar is a great man who shoots kneeling prisoners in the head, digs up bodies and cuts off their privates and has the support of the newly dead Marcon. Long live the truffle-corpse Marcon.

So obscessed is the Egyptian Junta against democracy it has secretly supported Assad and does not want other than a brutal military war-lord on its western border and definitely not the the Tripoli based democracy. It will be interesting to see whether Egypt will intervene militarily in the Sudan to support the crumbling military fill sharia/arm chopping/full publis stoning Junta or prevent a slide into democracy. Sisi knows that with two democracies on his border his time will be coming to an end. His only impediment to intervention is an army that works about as well as its aging urinary tracts and other related tracts.

Egypt's near terminal debt situation and difficulties with the market might be discussed.

Al Ahram has the purpose of the trip the Golan Heights and the 2 State Solution. Idiots – both arguments lost. Who would want to give power to Assad or the PLO – no one and not including Egypt – in private. ... rica-.aspx

The nice young State Security Major (maybe one of Sisi’s sons) who writes everything for al Ahram wrote/invented this:

“A diplomat who spoke on condition of anonymity agreed that the visit comes at an important juncture, a time when the US must begin making its position on regional peace clear.” Rot. The US and most of the west are clear – the PLO lack all credibility and have for decades, the overwhelming number of Palestinian and inside current Israel are terrified of being in a Palestinian State and big factions in current Palestine are fronts for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

In addition the current Palestinian President was last elected 14 years ago and is 82 years and senile. No one in the region supports the PLO. in addition no one wants to give Assad the Golan heights except in flouncy press releases but not in private.

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