Ramadan Kareem.

What is it like to live in Luxor? Share your experiences of Luxor's culture.

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Ramadan Kareem.

Post by carrie »

Well last year I spent Ramadan in Turkey a Muslim country as it is here and I would never have known it was Ramadan. Everyone went about their daily business just as usual. The restaurants, cafe's open as usual. The people walking about the streets smoking and eating. No Ramadan decorations, no streamers or Furnous, streets not particularly busy just before the breaking of the fast.Strange for me having lived here so long.
I do admit I enjoy the month of Ramadan. I love to see the tables outside some people's homes with small amounts of food that those passing by can help themselves to. The absolute chaos on the roads as everyone dashes home to eat. Spotting the sneaky ones like me who go up a back alley to have a drink of water. Being invited to friends homes to break the fast. Looking at all the shoppers buying their new outfits to wear for the feast at the end of Ramadan. I love it all.
Where ever you are what ever religion I wish you all a happy Ramadan.

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Re: Ramadan Kareem.

Post by Yildez »

Yes, I remember how surprised you were that everything was just as usual! I've heard many of the Ex-Pats here say that no-one fasts - they're totally wrong! Many people DO fast, but make no fuss about it so you don't know. As you say, nothing is closed, restaurants continue to serve meals - and alcohol to those who want it. A common greeting during Ramadan is "Are you fasting?" - if you're not, no-one thinks any the less of you. People get together to break the Fast in each other's homes; in the bigger cities the restaurants put on special meals, and there are often big street parties providing food for the disadvantaged. Not in Datca though Carrie!!
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