How Very Dare You !!

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How Very Dare You !!

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Suggesting that the well- beloved Generalissimo might submit himself to democratic re-election does not go down well with his parliamentary acolytes :lol:

Mada Masr
November 9, 2019
When Member of Parliament Ahmed Tantawi presented a political reform initiative centered on President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi leaving office by 2022 on November 3, Parliament was quick to take action against him.

Ninety-five members of the House of Representatives submitted a request on Tuesday to Parliamentary Speaker Ali Abdel Aal to refer Tantawi to the Ethics Committee saying his initiative undermines the Egyptian state and its institutions. Abdel Aal announced that he referred the request to Parliament’s bureau in preparation for taking the appropriate legal measures.

Parliament responded to Tantawi’s initiative on Tuesday.

During the plenary session, MP Mahmoud Badr said that Tantawi’s initiative represents an outright violation of the constitution, tramples on the will of the millions of Egyptians who voted for the constitutional amendments and for Sisi, and tramples on Egypt’s democracy. ... om-office/