The final word on visas for over- 60’s ??

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The final word on visas for over- 60’s ??

Post by newcastle »

Information for the over 60s - make of it what you will!

As I stated recently, I asked at the Alexandria passport office two weeks ago if it was true that you did not need to renew your visa if you were over 60, the brigadier general there confirmed that this was true, and that to travel past checkpoints you just needed to point out your date of birth.

A few days ago I asked the same question at the Luxor office and was given the same answer, that over 60s do not need to renew their tourist visa to stay in Egypt. In Luxor he also stated that if you are asked to pay a fine at a checkpoint you can refuse, as it is illegal to be asked, just point out your date of birth.

The exceptions to this are for those that use financial (banking) services here, own a car and need to renew their licence annually, as the visa and car licence run in tandem. I was told that in these circumstances it was a 'different matter'. We also know you cannot buy a sim card without a valid visa, and I have read comments that sim cards are routinely disconnected if a visa expires, I don't know if this is the case. I have had my sim card for my phone 8 years and have never been asked for a visa, though I did have to produce it when I bought a new sim for my Ipad a couple years ago.

I am posting this for information only, as I said, you can make of it what you will, and if you are renewing at other offices, perhaps at the Red Sea resorts, it may be worth asking the question!

FB site “Visa regulations for ex pats in Egypt”

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Re: The final word on visas for over- 60’s ??

Post by Who2 »

Flying out 2 weeks ago from Hurgharda picked the wrong queue, the head of Customs or somesuch.
He was taking time on all the passports, he took twice as long on mine,
As I was trying out this visa thingy and age. I overstayed 3 months due to xmas guests,
although I enjoy visiting the visa office and hotel bar opposite, (I'm known as 'Mr 6 month-man)
I thought I would give it a go.
My travelling companions Nick & Ziggy, knew of this and wisely joined another, quicker queue.

He browsed through all my pages of visa's several times, I mark them so I can work in english, in's and out's.
Staring at me with intent he then wrote something in my passport.
Waved me away, So we shall see upon my return.
Oh! I've been advised whilst here to apply online as it's 12 months and cheaper,
or else I'll pop round to the Belgravia consulate, 'they have some great egyptian antique shops in Belgravia.
TBC... 8) .

Ps: Easy to work out 'why Belgravia ? all those diplomatic bags full of stuff! qed..
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