Tutankhamun Exhibition London 2020

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Tutankhamun Exhibition London 2020

Post by newcastle »

The Tutankhamun exhibition in London has - obviously - closed but they’ve published a video which may be of interest to some

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Re: Tutankhamun Exhibition London 2020

Post by carrie »

Fantastic, everyone always talks about the tombs the painting, the pyramids and the temples but what craftsmen the men were who created such exquisite artifacts.
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Re: Tutankhamun Exhibition London 2020

Post by Alistair1967 »

I'm glad I went a few months ago while it was still possible, too busy though, you had to be quite patient to get a good look at some of the artefacts. I shouldn't complain, as most of these items will probably never visit our shores again. The gift shop prices - laughable.
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Re: Tutankhamun Exhibition London 2020

Post by Who2 »

Well, I reckon the best time to visit would be now, round about 3am.
Here's their architects application to Westminster & Chelsea.
https://www.ahmm.co.uk/projectDetails/4 ... ry?image=2
Further construction plans ie: electrics, windows, cameras, can be obtained upon request.
Oh! and a small fee.......'times is ard..
Nice eh?
We could scope the place by having a picnic on the lawn until 'old bill moved us on CV19 ect...
Simona our 'architect said 'she is in, identifying weak points and making cucumber sandwiches for the picnic.
So send us a list of your favorite pieces....
'the devil finds work for idle hands, sah?...... :a6:
signed, The Primrose Hill Mob....
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Re: Tutankhamun Exhibition London 2020

Post by A-Four »

Hate to mention this my dear Dr, but the items in question are no longer anywhere near the King's Road, neither are the old soldiers at the nearby hospital looking after them, they are, so I'm told in a very safe place, however who is paying for such security is any ones guess.

The whole subject of this collection has been part of a very daft subject since before it arrived in the U.K. The B.M. in London turned it down flat, so did the Fitz in Cambride, as did the Ash in Oxford, even the money grabbing O2, in Greenwich. The only place that bothered was the highly indebted Satchi Gallery, that had seen its attendance fall like a stone, up until its arrival. I only hope this place insured itself for such a situation that we now see.

The signed up agreement with the very unwise Satchi Gallery, was that the innital receipts from punters is paid direct to the ' Egyptian travelling circus', then after a certain amount the Satchi gets its cut, but only upto a certain amount, then ' the circus' gets another high % cut. Satchi Gallery is able to keep any money it makes from its outrageous 'novelty shop'. Valley of the Kings desert sand £10, etc, etc.

Any true student of the Amarna era would give this 'exhibition' a very wide birth,......but then again there will always be those that the glint of gold will satisfy. In real truth, very few items that came out of Tutankhamoun's tomb can be said to be atributed to him personally, most are from the full Amarna era, which started from the A-III period.
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