Cricket and racism...

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Cricket and racism...

Post by Who2 »

Well what a turn up with Yorkshire CC.
The home of Yorkshire men drinking Tetley's Tea, playing cricket and saying "oo yesmelady plus giving the V sign to everybody and generally being the British 'concept of most Yorkshiremen.

One forgets the large population that bought the love of 'leather meets willow on a sunday afternoon
on the green with a pint looking forward to a good sunday roast and yorkshire puds....that when we
introduced the noble art of cricket to the populace of the continent we invaded for 200 years..

That when one sees an Indian speaking with a broad Yorkshire accent and isn't Sean Bean, and they are
both drinking Tetley's, it makes one think! does it not ?.......... 8)

Ps: Highly recommended viewing: Lagaan or reading the making of Lagaan 'Balham to Bollywood, hilarious!

Pss: And what the hell would we have done on a Friday night with no: Vindaloo's, kebabs, ect....
and more 'poppadoms, please.....

Oh! and for those of you that don't speak Hindustani here it is in English...

"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"
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