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Interesting Topic.

Post by Who2 »

Dowsing and divining today's Grauniad. ... tage-looms

Obviously penned by an ignorant person:

It got my fingers working, here is an interesting post: ... o-dowsing/

Having taken up divining years back and having lived in a hot country and am very fond of water.
I suggest giving it a go what do you have to lose ?

I can find mislaid items in a room, and other stuff, using maps, I once met an old
diviner that could use just his hands.

I remember once a water company here had a pair of Israeli dowsing rods,
Israel is big on water research always has been.

It was probably all due to the acid back in the day, me chasing the weird and wonderful..... 8)

"Don't mention that israeli conman Uri Geller.

Ps: I still have a couple of 'plum-bob lines hanging up in my egyptian kitchen...

"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"
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