A Thousand Miles up The Nile.

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A Thousand Miles up The Nile.

Post by Who2 »

Amelia a strange woman.
She lived in the street one over, with her female lover and her lover's husband, don't ask.


Anyhow they were on a (girls only) european summer holiday , following the sun,
it was a 'toss-up algeria or egypt or back to London Egypt won.
'I gave up completing it the first time around, it was boring, but hey 2nd time around.

A nice bit is them trying to hire a dahabeya over in Bulak "there were hundreds to chose from"
I investigated living on one once on The Nile, as having already happily lived on two boats before.

Never happened, but I've been on a few since with my old 'mucker Mohamed Saidi, a great 'copyist..

Clever sod bought two.... 8)

Ps: She mentions The Dongola in the book..
Pss: She was a better artist than a writer...

P*ss: Kent Weeks only paid £30k for Kingfisher seen here..beautiful!
And no mooring fees either 'la whaala..


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Re: A Thousand Miles up The Nile.

Post by Teddyboy »

I know I'm just a simple old bloke, but "A Thousand Miles Up The Nile" has me entranced every time I read it! Far from being boring, it greatly inspired my interest and study of the Egyptian "character" and culture. The past 25 years have seen me learn an inordinate amount, even to the point where I have realised that a Westerner can never really know the psyche of, nor understand, the Egyptian man! (Not to mention the female of the species.)
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