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Did Pensioners get the 10.1% increase this year? We got it in Cyprus, but if your not a Cyprus Tax Payer it all went straight back to the government because they failed to increase the tax relief amount. In Cyprus our personal tax is no payment under €19.000 then it's 5%. So although it's sounds a lot, it was given in one hand and taken with the other. When we lived in Luxor, we got no yearly increases, but wondered if that has now changed.

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Re: Pensioners.

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Timeline: Cafe Kick 'norf laandan..
"We've never had it so good us 'babyboomers.............ungrateful sods.
Ps: It's about time to send 'Chinese Gordon back up the Nile to Khartoum in gunboats to rescue the british..
was that 1984 or 1884 ?

Anyhow it's all going tits-up over here can't wait to get on a plane...
Here's a picture of Nick in front of Seti 1st's sarkofagus or even sarcophagus.tara.... 8)
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