Scanning receipts

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Scanning receipts

Post by hatusu »

Reading in the news that Sainsburys now require you to scan your till receipt before being able to exit the store, and whilst i am all for anything that deters shoplifters, Im a little worried. On quite a few occasions in the past, when looking for one item in particular (when ive previously forgotten something on a BIG shop and not been able to find it), ive left the store without buying anything. Does this mean that in the future i will need to make one purchase at least in order to be able to get out? ... leave.html

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Re: Scanning receipts

Post by crewmeal »

At Sainsbury's I've found that staff sometimes have to search your purchases with their scanner. I presume this is incase you've been shoplifting. I find it embarrsssing especially when other shoppers stop and stare.

Nice to see some stores in Luxor now use scanners which speeds things up.
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Re: Scanning receipts

Post by DJKeefy »

You can still get out, normally at the entrance you came in, they have a barrier that opens for those coming in and to the left a barrier that opens when you walk up to it to let you out, so you can get out if you want. it's only at the self service checkouts where they have the scanner to scan the barcode on your reciept, it's useless because people just wait for someone else to scan there receipt, also on many occasions the barrier is just open.

The staff using a scanner to check random items is only if you use smartshop using the shop and scan scanners or the app on your phone.
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